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Journal of Health and Medical Sciences

Journal of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Tarapacá, Chile. It is the continuation of the Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine and is published quarterly. It covers the following periods: number 1, between January and March; number 2, between April and June; number 3, between July and September; and number 4, between October and December. The abbreviation of his title is J. health med. sci., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends, and bibliographical references.

Volume 8

Volume 8, Numero 4

October - December 2022

To publish or not to publish clinical cases

Daniel Moraga

The Dilemma in Koch’s Laboratories, To Cultivate or Not to Cultivate?

Gustavo Saint-Pierre, Paulina Ramonda C., Patricia Cantillana R.

Human lymphotropic virus in T-cell type 1 (HTLV-1) during pregnancy

Hilda Villanueva Díaz, Teresa Reyes Rubilar, Celia Bórquez Benitt, Diego Huenuhueque Belaúnde, Catalina Zerna Zerna

Civility as a prevention strategy for workplace bullying in nursing students: A review of the literature

Berrios Pamela, Inchausti Andrea, Portilla Rosa, Vásquez María, Herrera Natalia

The importance of developing communication skills in students in the health area

Maria Antonieta Barria, Gustavo G. Gómez, Mauricio Soto-Suazo

Syringomyelia: review, case and report

Andrea Bustamante Adasme

Comparison of academic. Performance based on TBL methodology and traditional teaching methodology in dentistry students in Santiago de Chile

Albornoz, Dariana; Castro, Catalina; Lucavechi, Tania; Rojas, Valeria

Obesity and its relationship with the consumption of processed foods

Paola Olivares Orrego

Effect of a program of intrinsic musculature exercises of the foot in the prevention of risk of fall on the elderly

Nicolás Van Niekerk-Bakit, Wilson Pasten- Hidalgo, Paula Moreno-Reyes, Mauricio Venegas, Giovanni Francino, Sergio Jiménez